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Samland Real Estate Transaction Mart

Mr Hiếu 0937 983 986 Mr Hiếu

0916 802 812


  • Giá vàng

    Thành Phố Mua Bán
    Hà Nội 34.960 35.100
    Hồ Chí Minh 34.960 35.080
    Đà Nẵng 34.960 35.100
    Nha Trang 34.950 35.100
    Cà Mau 34.960 35.100
    Buôn Ma Thuột 34.950 35.100
    Bình Phước 34.930 35.110
  • Tỷ giá ngoại tệ

    Loại Mua vào Bán ra
    CAD 18.441,18 18.851,01
    CHF 21.722,44 22.160,46
    EUR 26.278,72 26.594,46
    GBP 33.368,67 33.905,64
    JPY 182,98 186,49
    THB 636,99 663,61
    USD 21.265,00 21.315,00
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Samland Coffee


SAMLAND® Real Estate Transaction Mart regroups our best consultants and ready to give the best advices and suggestions to customers so that they can get optimal benefit from their investments on the field of real estate.

To facilitate the business conversation, we has built a chain of coffee shops beside the transaction marts, this is the unique Real Estate Coffee system where clients can talk about housing problem; exchange experience, information on real estate projects around the city... and with the helps of our consultants on request. SAMLAND® Coffees are also nice coffee shops where you can take a delicious coffee or soft drinks and relax!




Building B2 SAMLAND® Giai Viet
854-856 Ta Quang Buu Street, Ward 5, District 8, HCM City.


SAMLAND® Riverside Apartment Building
147 Ung Van Khiem Street, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, HCM City.


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