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  • Giá vàng

    Thành Phố Mua Bán
    Hà Nội 34.960 35.100
    Hồ Chí Minh 34.960 35.080
    Đà Nẵng 34.960 35.100
    Nha Trang 34.950 35.100
    Cà Mau 34.960 35.100
    Buôn Ma Thuột 34.950 35.100
    Bình Phước 34.930 35.110
  • Tỷ giá ngoại tệ

    Loại Mua vào Bán ra
    CAD 18.441,18 18.851,01
    CHF 21.722,44 22.160,46
    EUR 26.278,72 26.594,46
    GBP 33.368,67 33.905,64
    JPY 182,98 186,49
    THB 636,99 663,61
    USD 21.265,00 21.315,00
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Founded in August 2008 with a charter capital of 200 billion VND (about USD 10 billion), SAMLAND® oriented oneself to the medium and high income clients and created the trademark SAMLAND® in his brand building strategy.

In 2009, the first construction work was started and named SAMLAND® River View, a 12-storeys apartment and office building located in Binh Thanh District. This project finished successfully in 2012 and marked the first brand image of SAMLAND®.

Other types of project have been also developed, among these are SAMLAND® Nhon Trach Residential Area project, SAMLAND® Tan Van Residential Compound, Hoang Anh River View Apartmentsand, keeping in the line of the brand building, the SAMLAND® Giai Viet Apartments project.

In recent years, the SAMLAND® Airport Apartment Building project started in 2015, at the same time, the charter capital of the company wasraised to 402 236 090 000 VND (about USD 20 billion). In 2016 the SAMLAND® Riverside Apartment Building project continues to promote the image of SAMLAND®.

On another side, SAMLAND® has developed their staff and employees to respond to high quality demands of their services such as real estate consultancy, construction management, real estate management... During the developing process, a chain of SAMLAND® Real Estate Transaction Marts and SAMLAND® Real Estate Coffees have been built in various project sites, this is an original model of real estate coffee where clients can exchange information, experiences about real estate projects and can get the kind helps from our real estate consultants.